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BBM Systems has grown to be one of the leading office equipment providers in Texas.

More than ever before, using document and information technology to enhance the process of managing document workflow and related business data, is critical to your organization’s effectiveness. It is still a hybrid world of information — and besides copying and printing today, customers are requiring more — the total solutions provider with a wider offering to cement a partnership for more convenient access and accountability, resulting in stronger customer satisfaction. This is paramount to growing a business.

Though hardware sales (usually a copier/printer/MFP) is the first means that customers consider to enhance their workflow; it is also the “on-ramp” for a broader content and document management strategy that is desired today.

BBM Systems stands squarely at this intersection between documents and processes. We offer an enormous opportunity to our customers with our expanded role of providing not only copying and printing services, but cost saving solutions to assist each customer’s entire document processing needs. A main objective is to increase the revenue stream through consistent ease of use. What do we mean?

After assessing your needs, BBM Systems will indicate which solutions are best suited to revving up your business. We have the key to understanding the link between capture (whether on a scanner or a copier) and the business processes required. Customers can value the ease of use of applicable solutions desired, including the copier as an ad hoc capture device, but one that is linked up to their overall document management strategy. Customers will clearly benefit from scanning to email, archive, print, fax, and more, and of course scanning to applications and processes. We can take customers from manual to the digital process of managing their documents as effectively as possible, applying solutions and methodologies where needed.

The opportunities to revive your business are many as document and content technologies move into the core infrastructure of your organization. As we are a leading solutions provider — and because of our knowledge and scale relative to the document channel — BBM Systems is ideally positioned to help you take advantage of these key solution opportunities.

For detailed information and/or to schedule an appointment, call us at 888-968-5554.